11 August 2013

Bionic Man. Checking your heart for running.

Today's run (9 August) without dogs, they still suffer from heat: 9.87 km - 59.41 min, +22ºC, light breeze, cloudy. 
Not me but roughly like this.

It was strange running without the dogs, didn't know where to put my hands. In the end took out the handkerchief and just kept fiddling with it. 

Yesterday had my epreuve fonctionnelle in the Vire Hospital. I was renewing my certificat medicale, a paper from the doctor saying I am fit to run, that is to take part in official races. 

As I am over fifty, the doctor suggested I get examined by the cardiologist, and he, in turn, sent me for a more thorough examination at the big hospital. I had to run on a treadmill with a dozen or two sensors glued to parts all beers can reach while chatting to two doctors, a heart specialist and a technician. The heart beat showed in zigzags on the screen and every now and again the machine started beeping desperately. Each time I tensed up but it was only to tell the doctor to take my blood pressure. Which he did, at regular intervals. 

I am not new to running on the treadmill, but still it was much harder than running on the road. The procedure took about fifteen minutes, plus about half-hour for filling in the papers and waiting. The jolly big doctor, who kept tutting about me smoking and quizzing me about the Russian mafia, when he discovered that I was Russian, in the end pronounced: 'Impeccable!' and let me off. 


And I got a free epilation when the second doctor,  pulled off the pads. 

Oh, the joys of running!

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