07 August 2013

Priority to runners (new t-shirt design)

Today's run with Strelka and Leroy: 8km - 50.51min, 6.26 min/km, +23ºC.

Ran over the hill and back through the woods, lovely breeze, clouds shielding from the road from blistering sun.

Perhaps still too hot for dogs. They trotted on panting but very pleased with the outing. Bravehearts!

It’s been nearly too years since France adopted a new law giving priority to pedestrians when crossing roads, on zebras and even away from a marked crossing. The new rule is more or less observed in towns at established crossings but largely ignored elsewhere.

I’ve designed a Priorité Coureurs t-shirt - priority to runners. It is on CafePress in men’s version. One t-shirt may be pricey at €32 but ordering two or more will give you a 78% discount. 

Contact me if you want to purchase a women’s t-shirt or one with a differenet, customised design.

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