21 June 2011

Dachshunds Can Run

Picasso's dog by Alexander Anichkin
9.4 km - 64.25 min, 10,250 steps. Slow run in humid cool weather, strange feeling of stillness, even though there is a light breeze.

I was experimenting with drawing Picasso's favourite dog, the Dachshund Lump, on my computer, and looked up the wikipedia article on the breed.

I didn't know Dachshunds could run!

Apparently they do, especially the wire-haired variety. There are competitions in America that draw huge crowds of spectators and the breed is one of the most popular in the US. It can get really silly. Why are they dressed up as hot-dogs in the video below from a 'wiener run'?

If you use Apple's iWork/Pages, see how drawings can be made in that programme on my blog I Work in Pages here and other drawings of the dachshund here.

This video is of a 'proper' Dachshund race. Owners running with their dogs.

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