07 April 2013

A Perfect Run: St-Hilaire to Mortain in Normandy.

On chemin vert at 7 km into the race. Photo by Jonathan Bostock.

The plane tree alley in Mortain.
(photo by A.Anichkin taken on a different day)


Checks said...
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Checks said...

It was great to have the company Alex, thank you. I hope I didn't slow you down too much. The duo, for anyone interested in maybe doing it next year, was 7.2km for the first runner and 8.55km (including the mountain! ) for the second. We shared a tag/ankle bracelet style timer chip, which had to be passed from one to the other at the handover point. There were podium places and prizes for the first 3 male duo team but only the winning (first place only) female team and mixed sex team won podium places.
There was also a raffle, using dossard numbers, where the prizes varied from running shoes to a microwave oven to a tablet.
I still marvel at the fact that all these elite (and not so elite) athletes are fed and watered after the race with greasy sausage sandwiches, chips and beer!
What a way to spend a sunny, but cold, Spring Sunday morning.

Alexander Anichkin said...

Forgot to add: registration fee was 10 euros. But! I won a goodie bag with a packet of coffee, a bottle of farmers' apple juice, two packs of sablée biscuits, a jar of strawberry jam and a jar of terrine artisanale (pate). Maybe there was something else, I'll have to check, but the lot worth more than the race entry fee.

Alexander Anichkin said...

No, it was a pleasure to have you as a running buddy. I hope you enjoyed the run as much as I had.
And it's a great confidence building exercise.
Thanks for introducing me to Leharna. She stopped me as I was about to leave and told me to go and get the goodies.

Alexander Anichkin said...

About sausage and beer - yes, I can't get it too. But then, joie de vivre is joie de vivre. Let's just admire it.

Checks said...

...and if you're a member of a club, the club pays your registration fee, so you race for free and still get the goodies! Although the 'goodies' for the duo teams was a t-shirt, not a bag of gourmand delights.

I did enjoy the race, thank you Alex. I wished I had pushed myself harder though as I was far from running a personal best and was disappointed with my performance.

Alexander Anichkin said...

Maybe we were chatting too much and not concentrating on the pace, ha-ha.
On the positive side - think how much you've improved.

Checks said...

Chatting is good... it stops me thinking about how I want to collapse in a heap! I think you are being kind when you say I have improved, but thank you!


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