09 April 2013

Climb Every Mountain.

St Christophe de Chaulieu. Hill on the left.

Today's (8 April) run with Strelka and Leroy: 7.6 km - 46.10 min. 

Grey day but much warmer than yesterday. I decided to do a stamina-building run after yesterday's long 16 km race - and to check out one of my shorter courses with a steep short rise to the top of the Chaulieu hill through the woods and then a gentler but longer uphill stretch to St-Christophe de Chaulieu. It felt much easier than yesterday, no extra huffing-n-puffing. 

And the path through the woods was cleared, I suspect, by the neighbour who keeps horses for carriage driving. I saw tracks of hooves sliding in the mud and wheels going all over the place. Apparently someone really adventurous went down that path in a horse car. But brambles were neatly cut or bent not to go over the path. 

Thank you, horse people.

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