21 January 2019

First snowdrops.

22:52 — 4.8 km (3 miles)

Every year in our parts around the end Christmas, at Epiphany, first snowdrops come out.
These are at Le Pont d'Egrenne, South Manche.
Someone told me worryingly that they'd come out too early because of global warming.
But I've been checking for about fifteen years and every year it's about the same, mid-January.

Snowdrops 2019
Snowdrops 2019, ©A.Anichkin

02 January 2019

Who runs who?

23.22 min - 4.8 km

The Guardian ran an advertorial by Zoe Williams on taking up running with a dog. While having lots of product placings and links to commercial sites, it has has a list of common problems when running with a dog — and a few helpful solutions. 

The piece opens with a convincing brief explanation of why joining forces with your pet makes such good sense.  

Milo Royds devised dog running as a concept for the dog, not the human. They just don’t get enough exercise walking along a path on a lead, however many hours they spend that way. I, conversely, started doing this for me: I don’t have enough air in the day to go running myself and walk Romeo. So running together should be a good fix; I just need to iron out a couple of things.

27 December 2018

Cave canem.

Cave canem.
Mosaic in Pompeii,
photo by Greg Willis, 2002

22:49 min - 4.8 km (3 miles), cold biting on my cheeks

Grieving for Strelka.

Among other moving episodes, we remembered how beautiful he was barking and galloping to the gates with his mane waving.

Which in turn brought to memory the old sign that was on the gates of one of the family houses — 'Cave Canem'.

'Beware of the Dog'. And we wondered if anyone has or would have one in Latin these days. 

24 December 2018


(35 min digging)

Today, said final goodbyes to the best cutest kindest dog in the world.

And the best running companion. (The vet said, 'that's why he had such a long - and healthy - life'.)

The Christmas dog —

Strelka on the left (2006)

19 December 2018

Gilets jaunes.

21:33 min - 3 miles (4.8 km)

I was running today in my old bright yellow vest, a leftover from when I was raising funds for the good people at Help the Aged charity.

A few French cars passed — and honked in greeting. I was puzzled at first but then realized what was happening. Apparently, they took my vest as a sign of solidarity with the ever-strong 'yellow jackets' — gilets jaunes movement against Macron's oppressive fiscal policy.

Surely something must be done fast about global warming, but not at the expense of those who keep the countryside going.

Running with Strelka and Nala, Vassily the Cat in best supporting role.
The gilet jaune here is from the Marie Curie Cancer Care (I raised £2,000 for them).
Photo from 2011.

18 December 2018


4.8 k, (3 miles) - 23.05 min

Just managed to fit a run in between the morning and afternoon gong-outs.

I haven't even run a week since resuming regular running routine but that 'walking on air' feeling, it was already with me. The nirvana of running and being yourself and not yourself, being here and elsewhere.

Even despite the occasional lunging and stopping of the young Belka.

It feels a bit like this, okay, it's not Nirvana, it's Take Five, but still —


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