23 June 2013

What music do you take on the run?

Today's (22 June) run with Leroy and Strelka: 10.37 km - 64.32 min, humid, +19ºC, light breeze. 

The wonderful UK weather forecast for today, 'rainy, cloudy, sunny', applied to Normandy as well. I started out in pouring rain, then it stopped and the road steamed up, then the blistering sun came out and it felt really hot, kah!

A running buddy in Paris is asking what music to take on the run. I don't take the iPod on the run, there is a lot to listen to, birds singing, cows mooing, and of course the oncoming cars and tractors. 

But I often have a tune in my head, it helps to get into rhythm. Today it was Rawhide, the Blues Brothers version. 

What music do you take on the run?

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