27 June 2013

Turkish March. More music for running.

Today's run with Strelka and Leroy: 10.2 km - 62.26 min. We have a very pleasant cool summer here, not hot, not cold, just right, +18ºC today, sunny with a bit of cloud. Put some sunblock on my long nose.

First time sleeveless vest this year. My 30-year old Nike nylon, so light it feels as though it's not there. Good things never age.

Since my Paris running fb friend Olga Nikolaeva has asked what music to take on the run I keep making a mental note of what I was listening to. Today it was Ludwig Van's Turkish March. 

Note: I never take iPod or Walkman (I still have one, remember that cassette thingy?) on the run. I want to hear the sounds of nature. Including approaching cars. I just listen to the tune on YouTube and let it play in my head. They call it earworm. But it wears off after a while.

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