14 June 2013

Wind from All Directions.

Today's (13 June) run with Strelka and Leroy: 10.5 km - 64.33 min, +15ºC. Windy, cloudy, then sunny. 

Feeling shagged, still soldiered on, if not for myself but for the dogs who were getting restless and wanted a good exercise. It worked, they're lying down breathless and contented.

The wind today seemed to be coming from all directions, like it happens here. I was passing the giant wind turbines today, the ones on the ridge between Ger and Chaulieu, and noticed that they were all facing in different directions. How bizarre! I wonder what it does to our energy supply.

Oh, and slightly off-topic: eggs' price is down to the 'summer rate' of 21 centimes for one and diesel is down to €1.30 per litre at Carrefour. In winter it was €1.48. 


Here's a video of the turbines I made earlier:

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