11 February 2012


9.6 km - 57.36 min. 
- It was -10ºC in the morning, even the thought of a run was terrifying. By two in the afternoon turned mild. 

Double-layered, Moscow rules, and it turned out surprisingly pleasant. No wind. Halfway through the run got dusted by soft snow suddenly falling from out of nowhere. 

The road is mostly clear from snow now, but wonderful crunch-crunch on the remaining snow patches. In the woods, puddles are frozen with about 50 mm (2 inch) ice. 

Dogs loved the cold, kept pushing ahead.

Strelka is a Golden Retriever with a very light coat, practically white. In the woods Strelka fell behind to sniff around and roll in the snow. When I looked around I couldn't see him, then I saw him, blending with the snow...

This was taken last winter 

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