02 February 2012

'Moscow Rules': Winter Running.

9.5 km - 57.56 min., temperature -7º Celsius (20º Fahrenheit), sharp wind, roads clear, but ice and frozen mud on dirt-tracks. 

Ran by 'Moscow Rules' today, with winter add-ons to the usual gear.
The main principle of staying warm is to add layer of clothing. It's not so much about thermals and woolies, but layering. 
I double-triple layered myself: warm pants, running tights and ramblers' thermal trousers with rubber bands at the ankles. Above: usual cotton t-shirt, thermal long-sleeved vest with high neck, a ski-cap and a windbreaker with hood. The windbreaker had soft thick cotton lining and pull-strings at waist and in hood. Over the windbreaker I put the orange road-safety waist-coat with reflective stripes.
One mistake: I thought my feet would be warm on the run with the usual pair of socks. After all, -7º is not the Moscow -20º.  I was wrong, I could feel the cold biting through the trainers and the socks. Should have added another pair of skiing thermal socks. 
Gloves: usual thin running gloves inside thick padded ski gloves. 
I smudged face with cold pressed virgin olive oil against frostbite. 
Actually, it was amazingly pleasant except for the prickly wind on open stretches. The day was sunny and on sunken lanes and in the woods it was quiet. Only the ice crunching under feet.
Dogs loved it too. When I let them off the lead, they jumped in the snow and rolled happily, cleaning their coats.

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