28 February 2012

Handball Giggles.

55.53 - 9.6 km (6 miles). 
Mild, hardly any wind, light mist. Perfect. Birds singing everywhere, it smells of Spring.
Was running and giggling at John Humphrys of the Today programme getting more and more excited over the UK handball women's team goalie Laura Innes description of the sport as 'full contact, tackle as you like, pushing, shoving, grabbing' sport. Really - listen again at BBC's Radio 4 Today web-site.  The sequence begins at 1:29:30 into the programme.
British team still isn't assured of a place in the Olympic finals but is in good spirits.
Handball is a fast team ball-game mostly played indoors. Players have to bounce the ball like in basketball and score by throwing it into the goalpost, smaller than in football. The ball is also smaller than in football, it's somewhere between a football and a tennis ball. A line on the floor indicates the closest at which a throw can be made. There lots of passes, tackling – and lots of goals. 
It's fun to play, we did it at school in Moscow and my children do it, among other sports, at school here in France.
In this video Laura Innes talks about the sport on another TV programme.

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