22 October 2011

Girl Power: Nala Returns

9.8 km - 58.09 min - What a lovely day! Looked like a sunny January day in Hyde Park in the morning, but the afternoon was quiet and sunny and warm, more like the Indian Summer is back. 

Amazing! I kept promising Nala – and my wife - to take my little Golden female for another run. I knew she was ready and willing, but I was still concerned about her being fit after having had eight puppies and having stopped in pain mid-distance several times.

Today she proved herself – and she proved me wrong. Yesterday, when I had just the boys and the weather was the same as today, we finished at 58.48 min. Today, with Nala, but without Strelka, we were nearly 30 secs faster. And she lead us most of the circuit, good girl!

She got lots of treats (chicken bits and pork juice-soaked potatoes) after the run and a double-ration dinner.

Great run, great girl – enjoying herself now by the fire.

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