18 October 2011

Don't Worry, Drink Tea: How to Run a Long and Happy Life

10km - 60.58 - a pleasant sunny cool day.

I've long admired that man, Fauja Singh, who in 2003 became the world marathon running champion at the age of 91. His winning time for men over 90 was 5 hours and 40 minutes (Toronto marathon).

He had lived in Punjab, India, until his late eighties. When his wife and son died, his family in England decided to have him with them. He felt lonely and relatives encouraged Fauja to take up running, something he had loved ever since he was a boy. He has been running 10 miles a day since.

Now Fauja Singh established a new record becoming the oldest man to run a marathon – at 100. (Read the Daily Telegraph story). When asked about his 'secret', Singh said:
"The secret to a long and healthy life is to be stress-free. If there's something you can't change then why worry about it? Be grateful for everything you have, stay away from people who are negative, stay smiling and keep running."

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