26 October 2011

Acorns Keep Falling on My Head.

Through the woods.
62.13 min - 9.8 km. Strange, the same time as yesterday, down to a split second. 

First day after summer wearing long-sleeved jumper, but still in shorts, don't want to give up on that wonderful feeling of wind on naked skin. There is a strong Southwester today, not cold, but a bit unpleasant. On the back-run suddenly felt heavy on my breathing, got scared, couldn't understand what was going on until realised that it was the wind slamming right through my nose and mouth. 

What is even curioser is that dogs kept up level with me all the distance, not falling back, not lunging ahead.

A windy day like this is perfect for collecting kindle for a nice fire in the evening. But while I was running through the woods a few acorns landed on my head. Or maybe beechnuts. I escaped the afternoon rain, but acorns reminded me of that famous song, 'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head'. Actually, it has a rather nice tempo for a mild run. Has anyone tried it on their iPods?

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