19 September 2011

A Reinvigorating Mudbath


9.8 km - 63,42 min. - pleasant, sunny, no wind, a perfect Indian Summer day in between a spate of grey rains.

For today's run took Leroy and Nala, the female golden who is slowly returning to good form after having given birth to eight puppies.

A week ago it was her first run after a year long break. We made the usual course in 69 minutes. Today it was five minutes faster. 

Nala did something extraordinary. When reaching a dirt-track which winds through a wooded area for about two miles, I often let the dogs off the lead so that they could run around, sniff and then catch up with me later. 

The track goes over a stream and there is always a big muddy puddle  there. I crossed the stream, bypassed the puddle and ran on. I heard the plash as the dogs waded through the puddle. Strangely, it was quite loud and long, too loud and long for what it takes to cross a muddy stream.

When Nala caught up with me I couldn't believe my eyes – her nice golden-blonde coat was grey and wet. She must have had a good roll in the mud before continuing with the run. But run she  did! She lead our pack all the remaining distance back home, about half the circuit as though the mudbath had given her new energy.

And as a bonus she got a good shower-wash when we got back. Clever dog! 

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