13 September 2011

Dogs of 9/11: “I gave my life so that you may save others.”

(11 Sept. 2011) 9.8 km - 61.43min.

Hundreds of dogs took part in search and rescue operations ten years ago on 11 September in New York. According to this site there were about 350 dogs working at Ground Zero. There were ceremonies all over the country where 9/11 dogs and their handlers were honoured.

At a ceremony in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, an award was announced named after one dog who died at Ground Zero, the yellow labrador Sirius. This is from an NJ.com report:

The first Sirius Courage Award, named for a Port Authority Police dog, Sirius, killed on 9/11, was given to the dog's handler, Port Authority Police Lt. David Lim. Lim was inside Tower 2, when it collapsed, but miraculously survived in a stairwell on the 4th floor. Lim had left Serious elsewhere in the building in order to go to the upper floors and help evacuate occupants. Unlike his handler, the dog did not survive. The plaque given to Lim included an inscription on behalf of his dog: “I gave my life so that you may save others.”

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