26 July 2011

A Dog Is Not Just Till Next Holidays

No, she isn't one of the abandoned
(25 July 2011)
61.03 min 10,225 steps - 9.8 km - lovely day, warm, sunny, something light in the air. Somehow there's more to sniff around than usual, dogs tell me.

Past week-end British schools broke for summer holidays and a lot of French also departed on vacations. It is estimated that 62 percent of the French will go on holidays this summer. According to animal rights groups this period also coincides with the biggest number of abandoned dogs, cats and other family pets left wandering in the road, in parks and forests. France Soir says the total number of abandoned pets reaches 60,000 at the time.

What? They go on a holiday and dump the family pet? It appears so.

'It is irresponsible and undignified to throw out a dog or a cat that you have adopted,' says Valerie Fernandez, a spokesperson for the Société protectrice des animaux (SPA). 'They found themselves defenseless while their masters laze about in the sun. It's scandalous.' Every year the Société launches an appeal for responsible behaviour.

Société protectrice des animaux web-site: spa.asso.fr

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