28 July 2011

The Choice: Wife or Dog?

9.7 km - 59.44 min - warm on the cool side, cloudy, very pleasant  (27 July)

Nala and Strelka
My two dogs, the Golden Retrievers Nala and Strelka, came from a nearbybreeder. Darie also runs dogs and cats kennels. When my family and I were choosing dogs, Darie suggested that we look at an adult Golden Retriever who she was asked to rehome. The dog was lovely, healthy, friendly and playful. We decided in the end not to take him as we wanted to raise and train puppies ourselves.

But why is he being rehomed, I asked?

The owner, a man, brought him in and said that he was planning to marry his girlfriend, but she didn't want the dog. She said, choose, it's either me or the dog. The man decided to get rid of the dog.

If it were me, I'd choose the dog, I said. Darie and I laughed, but then I thought, would I really?

I think I would.

Someone who can put a choice like that would certainly dump me like the dog too.

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