02 July 2011

New Neighbours

9.7km - 59.38min - 10,199 steps. Warm, sunny, light breeze, a slow pleasant run.

As I live in a tiny hamlet, just four houses and a farm, I know all my neighbours. There are a few humans, but otherwise they are mostly animals. That's why I notice when new ones arrive. There is now a resident Kestrel near the house who adopted an adjacent field to feed himself, hovering above it. Magpies who also use the field didn't like it much, we'll see who wins.

But the really exciting new arrivals are a family of Roe Deer. There is a dirt track stretch on the running circuit I follow and for several days in a row the dogs have been starting to pull me suddenly at the same spot, which only happens when they see or smell 'prey' – someone to chase. Usually it's a rabbit or a red squirrel. I haven't seen anything for a few days, but today I saw them – two little deer with a fawn. Lovely sight as they scuttled away through the thick wheat in the field.

Tip: When running with dogs use a bungee lead or a long horse lunge (longe) that can smoothen the jerk if the dog suddenly pulls. Otherwise you will tumble down.

Photo by Marek Szczepanek, from here.

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