09 April 2010

Swagger in Their Stride

8 km - 55.42 min. Cool, sunny, light breeze.

What a pleasant run today! A smell of joy and spring everywhere - farmers spreading muck and burning hedge cutting in enormous bon-fires.

Dogs run with swagger. I think it's because in this weather the nine chained dogs we usually pass on our circuit  definitely look jealous - and mine are very willing to show off.

If you are not sure what swagger is, listen to Elgar's March no 1 of the 'Pomp and Circumstance' cycle . The trio  part of no 1 is often described by musical critics as full of swagger. To the British it is an informal national anthem  'Land of Hope and Glory'. To the Americans it is the 'Graduation March'.

And it's good to set a steady pace for your run.

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