13 April 2010

Build Up My Confidence

9 km - 59.27 min - windy, but pleasantly warm, salty taste on my face. Dogs pant and hide in shade.

Boss never lets us down. When those dastardly good-for-nothings rush out to chase us, he just swishes the long end of the lead - and they scamper. Wow, I wish I could be so brave.

Today he did something he'd never done before. We were coming back and just two or three hundred metres from home, I was really thirsty and tired, kept stopping pretending I wanted to pee, though I didn't, really. Then Blackie rushed out at us, barking, snarling. Bastard, coward, he'd never fight for real, I just know. Boss cracked the lead once, swished it around once - and then he suddenly stopped and unclipped the double lead. Me and Leroy were free! Free to fight!

We stopped, turned round to face Blackie, who didn't realise what had happened - and then we lunged at him. The coward retreated, just ran for it. What a feeling! Total victory! I've never felt so pleased with myself. Leroy was good too. Boss was proud too, I think. 'Well done, boys' he said.

- by Strelka the Golden, retriever

Photo by A.Anichkin: A Gargoyle of the Bayeux Cathedral

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