03 June 2009

Summer water: how to cool a dog after the run

6 miles - 48,07 min

it's hot, but there is a very pleasant cool breeze.

I was concerned for the Goldens, they seem to suffer more than the Setter. So I just take him, he pants a lot, so do I. But with his long legs and steady stride, we do a fast 6 miler and while I stretch he gulps down about a gallon of 'Summer'-temperature water (tepid) and lies on the slates in a shady spot.

'Summer water' is what my uncle, a forester, used to call what we, townies, call 'room' temperature. I found that dogs enjoy summer water more than ice-cold water from the tap (ours comes from the well). Maybe it's less of a shock to their systems.

Don't forget, America, it is the National Running Day today - and if you do remember, don't forget to take your dog with you, please.

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