18 June 2009

Deceptive heat

6 miles - 55:07 min, 23ºC

They talk about global warming making Britain hotter by 4 degrees. There is concern, but there is also a bit of glee - so, we will have more sun, less rain? Great!

Not really, not for me, not for my runs, I think, as I finish today's 6-miler.

The heat is deceptive - there is a cool light breeze from the Atlantic. At moments it stops - and then the heat of the Sun is absolutely scorching. Dogs pant and I sweat, we slow down to a jog and clock a really low time. Strelka and Leroy immediately walk off to lie on a soft patch of clover in a shadowed corner of the garden and I drink two or three glasses of lemon water before starting the stretches.

picture by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

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