19 June 2009

How to reduce grumpiness in farmers

19 June - 6 miles - 53.48 min
A very pleasant light run today. Bright sun, lots of clouds and cool breeze. Perfect.

I mostly run at lunchtime when most of the country is at their tables and all is quiet. But because the weather is so good a lot of farmers seem to be cutting on their lunching time and are out on the roads and in the fields.

I am wary of passing tractors. Quite often they pull machines much wider than the tractor itself. But generally the farmers are careful and I wave cheerfully as a kind of thank you/how are you.

It's easy to ignore a lonely runner on the road, but it's not so easy to ignore a runner with two dogs. So quite often - but not always - I get a smile and a wave back from the man in the tractor.

Farming is a lonely, stressful work, even on family farms where you are guaranteed free training and job for life. I think that's why so many farmers are grumpy.

Me and my two running buddies are on a mission - we reduce farmers' grump.

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