27 July 2009

Why the French can't forgive Sarkozy his running?

27 July - really cool. 6 miles - 51.54 min

Nicolas Sarkozy had a health scare while jogging, but is out of hospital today with a clean bill. I do hope he sticks to his guns and carries on with his running which attracted a lot of ridicule and even outright criticism here in France and throughout Europe. French 'intellectuals', the chain-smoking, coffee-draining narcissistic crowd, decided it was inapropriate for a President to show his knees in public. They declared that running is not an activity suitable for 'thinkers' who should rather stroll. And some conspirologists saw Sarkozy's running as giving in to American influence.

Holy-moly, how much can one read into a simple pleasure of running! They should try running to feel how much better it is for thinking - and to keep your knees fit to show publicly.

Seriously, the weather here has been treacherous. It feels less warm than it really is and humidity has been high. I think the French President just got dizzy because of dehydration.

Here is a spoof video with Sarkozy's jog quick-paced to the theme tune of the Benny Hill Show:

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