26 May 2009

Runner's High: getting wind

6 miles - 50, 35 min

I generally don't complain about weather. In fact, I don't like it, when weather people use emotional words in their forecasts: 'gloomy grey day ahead'. I hear this, and I say to myself, aha, perfect day for running, cool, refreshing.

When the wind comes from the West, I think I can smell the sea, when it is from the South, I can smell the Sun, when it is from the East, I think, why did they dress students from Karkorov's wizard school in old-style Russian military uniforms, and when it is from the North, I think of polar bears not getting enough ice to roam about...

But today's wind is silly - it's one of those that seem to come from every direction - and mostly right in your face.

Still, I get the 'high', that wonderful exhilirating feeling of lightness, familiar to all serious runners. It jolts creative energy like nothing else.

I always make a point of keeping my pad handy for when I come back - to scribble down writing (and other) ideas, sometimes even sitting down and roughing out a sketch or a blog post. Today was particularly fruitful, and I wondered if it had anything to do with the annoying wind...

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