31 August 2008

Running in the Country: Drop, but Never Loose

6 miles - 52.48 min

The weather broke yesterday. It was a lovely warm beach day all day, but all through the night it rained and thundered. Humid and grey today.

I always take a handkerchief with me on the run. It is, I think, a runner's top piece of gear. I was sure I had it today, but when, after two miles in the run, sweat started dribbling down my forehead I suddenly realised it wasn't in my pocket. Shucks!

My circuit is, first, a two kilometre stretch which I cover twice on the run-out and the run-back, and then it's an 6 km loop. I was really suffering with sweat pouring into my eyes when I came back to the 2 km run-back stretch - and sure enough, the hanky was lying there in the middle of the road. It just slipped out of my pocket.

This is one of the joys of running in the country - safe and trustworthy. At least that's how I interpret the fact that I can drop something on the road and pick it up, untouched, in the same place half an hour later.

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