03 July 2008

Beating General Petraeus

1 July
6 miles - 47,36 min.
Wonderful cool day, night showers cleared the air of dust and pollen. Me, my Golden Blond and Freckled Beauty pound a fast and happy 6 mile circuit today.

General Petraeus, the commander of American forces in Iraq, recently ran a 10 mile race in 64 minutes according to the interview published in the Sunday Times this week. Petraeus is known to be a passionate runner. He often challenges younger officers for a 5 mile dash. Even in Iraq, the Sunday Times article says, he runs 4 times a week.

But 10 miles in 64 minutes is simply incredible! His time for 6 miles at this pace would have been 38,4 minutes. He is 56, I am 51, my time for today (with dogs) is ten minutes slower. My all time best for 6 miles is 39 minutes (without dogs). I can't beat Petraeus.

At his 10 mile pace Petraeus would have done a marathon in 2 hours 46 minutes. I've looked up this year London Marathon results for 55-59 age group. Only one man was faster at 2:45 and the second best was 2:47.

I have grave doubts about Iraq, but firm belief in runners.

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