27 September 2007

Best running gear

Tuesday 18 09 07
6 miles - 51.34
Wonderful Indian Summer - mild and warm, almost too warm for a comfortable run. I keep watching the dogs to check if they are not too hot, but they seem to be fine.

Today I decided that the best piece of running gear I've ever had is a simple cotton handkerchief.

It is better than any arm- or head-bands when wiping off drippping sweat. You can soak it with water and sponge yourself - for longer and with less hassle than with a true sponge. You can wave to bystanders, put it on your head like a bandana if the Sun is too sharp. It makes an instant dressing in an accident - for you, for your dogs or for someone else. I once ran to our village shop to get some fresh bread and forgot to take a plastic bag. But the handkerchief made a nice fold-around carrier instead. It is a traditional way of carrying things in Japan, they call it furoshiki there. On another occasion, while running along a path in the Welsh mountains I spotted a group of gorgeous ceps (edible mushrooms) on the verge of the woods. I wrapped them in my hanky and later we had a delicious lunch.

I take a fresh handkerchief on all my runs. In the photo here I am passing the Tower Bridge during the London Marathon with one in my left hand (photo published with permission of Action Photos).

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