26 September 2007

Guide Dogs charity in Caen, Normandy

26 September 2007
6 miles - 48.14 min

Cold showers interrmittent with bright sun. What a bliss to run! Dogs kept pulling and wagging their tails all the way - and we got back in under 50 minutes for the first time since May.

Yesterday at the Caen International Fair, after admiring the Chinese terracota warriors, went to a small stand to chat with people who run a tiny non-profit group that trains guide-dogs and guide-dog handlers with an emphasis on getting difficult youngsters involved in this work. They are called 'A vue de Truffe' and have several beautiful collie-labrador cross dogs.

The group entirely depends on charitable donations and donations are tax deductible (déductibles d'impôts).

I invite you to help them. The e-mail address is avuedetruffe@orange.fr, web-site: a-vue-de-truffe.monsite.orange.fr

The link to their site is at the top right of this blog. The photo is from A Vue de Truffe web-site.

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