17 January 2007

Dead Fox on the Road

6 miles 51.53 - min

At the printers' today we managed to process the whole of my magazine, even with the increased page number, in just over two hours. So I decided to fit a
run into what normally is too busy a day...

It's misty, the air is soft and gently caresses my skin. Strelka and Nala surpirse me by dashing past the dreaded house with huge Newfs without the usual fuss.

There's a dead fox on the side of the lane. I've seen that before: a car hit the animal and drove away.

But this fox has been lying there for several weeks now. I saw it first before Christmas. It's a very quiet countryside around here, everybody minds their own business, and few would bother with a dead animal on the side of the road.

But it is also a very healthy countryside. Best cheeses in France, best beef, best apples, cider and Calvados. And lots of wildlife. While running I've seen deer, boar, badgers, foxes, hares (and rabbits), bats, red squirrels - plenty of them here, water rats and lots of birds, hawks, skylarks, crows, magpies and buzzards.

There are many carrion eating birds and animals. So, why the fox is still untouched by them? Was it poisoned, not hit by a car? Did it die of something horrible as foxes often do? Rabies? Bird-flu?

Should I report it? to who?

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