19 December 2018

Gilets jaunes.

21:33 min - 3 miles (4.8 km)

I was running today in my old bright yellow vest, a leftover from when I was raising funds for the good people at Help the Aged charity.

A few French cars passed — and honked in greeting. I was puzzled at first but then realized what was happening. Apparently, they took my vest as a sign of solidarity with the ever-strong 'yellow jackets' — gilets jaunes movement against Macron's oppressive fiscal policy.

Surely something must be done fast about global warming, but not at the expense of those who keep the countryside going.

Running with Strelka and Nala, Vassily the Cat in best supporting role.
The gilet jaune here is from the Marie Curie Cancer Care (I raised £2,000 for them).
Photo from 2011.

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