20 April 2013

Good Luck, London!


Today's run with Leroy and Strelka the Golden: 10.03 km - 60.35 min, sunny, +10ºC.

Beautiful day. Wish good luck to all who run tomorrow's London Marathon.

As the second suspect in Boston bombings is apprehended, I recommend this little item on how K-9 Comfort Dogs help the victims of the bombings to recover. 

If you are about to choose the breed for running or companionship, note that the team there only uses Golden Retrievers, like my Strelka, the soppiest, friendliest, fluffiest dog ever. 

Here's a quote by Tim Hertzner, who runs K-9 Comfort Dogs, which has teams in seven US states with  67 dogs, all Golden Retrievers:

"After a tragic event, I’ve noticed people often first open up and talk with the dog about what happened - before talking to other people. They’re really big furry counsellors: they have a sixth sense of empathy and can sense sorrow. Playing with a dog also gives people a much-needed moment of diversion.
We can’t keep track of how many people have been affected by the dogs, but in Boston, we are talking thousands. When I was out with some of the dogs on a hospital visit Thursday, a woman who had just undergone surgery on her leg got out of her bed and took her first step in order to play with one of the dogs".

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