29 September 2012

Run, Golden Strelka, the star of my book.

10.17 km - 62.12 min., with Strelka and Leroy. It's windy, almost stormy, fallen branches everywhere and very, very cool, 14ºC. But somehow neither the chill, nor the wind, are unpleasant.

The cutout photo below is of Strelka, the Golden Retriever, who has been my running buddy for eight years now. I made it with graphic tools in iWork/Pages, an Apple Mac word processing and page layout programme. The cutout was meant for this blog, but I also put it in the book about iWork I've been writing this year. So Strelka became a star in it. (read on below the photo)

The technique involves editing the photo's contours on a Mac. In physical terms, it is similar to what we all do as children in play groups and kindergartens – cut out a picture with scissors to glue it into a scrapbook. Except that on computers we move editing points to hide the rest of the photo and leave only the image we want. Anyone with basic computer skills can quickly learn how to do it. And not just this but many other tricks with text and images that many of us have always wanted to learn but were  afraid to try. This includes the Internet. I made the graphic title-panel for this blog in iWork/Pages too.

The book is out now, in print and Kindle versions. Cropping and cutting out photos is described in detail there, as well as many other techniques for family and professional projects, from cards and posters to brochures, magazines and books. You can read or download a sample chapter on how to make logos with iWork/Pages here (opens in PDF).

The book, iWork for Mac OSX Cookbook (link to the book on Packt Publishing), is now on Amazon and all other major book-selling websites. It's called a cookbook because of the easy-to-follow descriptions of computer techniques – just like recipes for cooking.

This weekend the publishers, Packt Publishing, are having a big promotion: if you register on their site, you can download one of their ebooks, including mine, for free.

Click on the book cover below to go to Amazon.

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