20 September 2012

Dog Shoots Man. (La Chasse.)

Basset bleu de Gascogne

10.4 km - 65.23 min. with Strelka and Leroy.

A perfect Indian summer day, sunny, cool, and still. Strelka was in the mood for sniffing around and stalling, so I had to wait for him to catch up.

Remember the old maxim: dog bites man – no news, man bites dog – news? Well, here's a new take on it.

La Chasse, the hunting season opened last Sunday in France. There are sounds of shooting throughout the day. Hunting is huge in France: it has the highest number of registered hunters in Europe, 1.343 million. Here, in Normandy around 14 percent of the population engage in hunting.

And there are dozens of shooting accidents every year, 163 in the season of 2007/2008, including a death of a passerby.

But this one, reported by the Telegraph, is really extraordinary. A dog shot his owner in the Dordogne, in South-West of France!

The Blue Gascony Basset hound dog caught the trigger of his gun after leaping up while the huntsman was taking part in a deer shoot. The bullet shattered a part of the huntsman's right hand which has since been amputated. The victim said he only had himself to blame for not applying the safety catch and did not hold the incident against his dog "at all".
Photo by M.W. Reichert (not of the dog in the story.)

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