19 July 2012

Happiness Is a Mud Bath

Whah'? I dinn' do nottin!

10 km - 62.34 min, cool pleasant Summer continues, +18C, no wind, cloudy.

The mud stream in the woods has dried up – nearly. Once on the path there, I let the dogs of the lead to let them run around, sniff, play and roll as much as they please.

What I didn't expect was that there was still a nice big puddle of, apparently, warm liquid mud. Of which dear old Strelka did not hesitate to take advantage. When he caught up with me he was wearing not the usual Golden coat but a very definite speckled black. With the look of pure innocence, even suffering.

- Wha? I dinn' do nottin', did I?

He was so cute, that I had no heart to tell him off.

It was Vassily the Cat who came up and sniffed him all over with utter disgust.

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