31 July 2012

Cooling their feet (paws).

Nala (back to camera) and Strelka in the woods

67.12 min - 10.1 km.

Took female Golden Nala for a run after a long break. Her and Strelka, her male twin.

She hasn't really regained form after giving birth to eight puppies two years ago, but is a happy active dog. Time doesn't matter, she can do it in her own pace and the rest of us will just follow.

It had been raining and there were puddles on the road and water in ditches. I went down to a slow pace to let Nala enjoy her run. Boy, she did!

And noticed: halfway into my usual 6-mile circuit both Goldens started running through puddles and and jumping into the ditches to gallop through the stream. It's fun for them but it's also a natural way for dogs to cool their paws. 

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