27 April 2009

Enlist your dog as a donor

27 April
50.59 6 miles rain, wind, cold/

Outside looked miserable today, cold April showers non-stop. I teetered a lot around the house, trying to make up my mind: to go or not to go. In the end I go with just the setter, Leroy who is a steady loyal runner. Wonderful! Got warm, calm and ready to face all the problems of the Universe.

Here is something I'd like all readers of this blog to consider and, if you can, to support: take part in dog blood donor programme. Find out if there is a local group or programme, or contact the people who started the dog donor appeal here in Normandy, France. Thank you all.

Below is the letter from readers of the Rendezvous magazine I publish here for the English speaking people in Normandy.

Dog donor register

Several weeks ago, our vet told us that our 12 year old dog, William, was in desperate need of a blood transfusion but warned that finding donors is very difficult. He rang around his clients and we approached acquaintances - who turned us down. Dog lovers will understand our desperation.

Then we turned to the Rendezvous [magazine] for help, contacting anyone whose contact details had appeared in the magazine. Everyone knew someone who had a dog and eventually donors came forward.

Sadly William died but we would like something positive to come out of our loss and want to set up a register of willing donors in Normandy to distribute to vets in the area. Such a register could save the lives of other much loved pets.

The owner of the dog who donated most of the blood for William did so because she knew how she would feel if her dog were to need a life saving transfusion. Ideally, donors should be five years or younger and not overweight. The dog is sedated and is not distressed during the transfusion.

Anyone willing to register their dog or help us set up the register can contact us on
00 33 (0)2 33 37 41 50
or write to us at
La Perronnière,
61330 Ceaucé

With special thanks to the Rendezvous and all those who rang round on our behalf and to would be donors as well as a special thank you to our vet, Dr Pierre Rogue of Domfront.
Mike and Debbie Bowes.

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