05 March 2009

Happiness is a good run

5 March 09

49:06 - 6 miles
Happiness is a good run made faster. Lopped off three minutes from yesterday's run.


Nothing new: same weather, same shoes, same pair of dogs, same 6 hours of sleep, same glass of wine with supper, same number of cigarettes, only one day difference in my age.

So, what's happened?

Running is a wonderful stress buster - when you're feeling down, just stop everything and go for a trot. You'll feel better.

But it works the other way round too. Something good happened in your life - and you run better.

We've just had a helpful grant approved for our publishing company to develop a new project. The approval was largely based on the good impression produced by our first guide that only this morning came from the printers. For the past few weeks we worked flat out to finish it in time for presentation at the grants committee meeting. And did it!

So, my spirits were high when I set out to do the usual 6 mile circuit. And even though it felt like my normal pace, when I looked at the stopwatch it was, in fact, three minutes faster.

Listen to Happiness is a warm gun by John Lennon here

Couldn't find Ray Conniff's Happiness is different things to different people anywhere.
Can anyone help?
Dambusters theme is here
and Ghostbusters theme here

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