21 November 2008

When puppies go

21 November -
6 miles - 48.55 min
windy, but pleasant. Haven't run for a week because of a nasty cold. So good to hit the road again - and let the two male dogs have a respite from the 9 week old puppy everchasing them.

The last of our eight unplanned puppies is about to head off for her new home. They have cost a fortune in time and puppy meat. We’ve spent hours clearing s*** and washing floors It’ll be a relief to see the back of them. And sad.

They’ve given us two priceless insights into our lives. First, if your days are too busy to stop and have a tug of war with a puppy or take it into your arms for a time-wasting, heart-warming cuddle then you need to re-evaluate your priorities. Second - when did any of us dreary adult humans last greet a new day with the sheer, tail-wagging delight with which they pour out of their pen on a cold, frosty morning?

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