03 November 2007

Here we go gathering nuts

14 October
6 miles - 51.48 min

Still very warm. If it weren't for hazel nuts covering the verges, one might think it is still summer. We passed several families busily filling their baskets with nuts. Hazels are amazing here in Normandy - they shoot up to 5-7 metres (15-20 feet) in the narrow hedges.

I love nuts, both fresh and in cooked dishes. The smell and the look of them always takes me back to some of the best memories of childhood: picnics in America with my parents when a bag of peanuts was a must and foraging for hazel nuts in Russian woods with my grandparents.

Nuts could be a nuisance when running, though. They get under your soles, making you slip, trip and even twist your ankle. Dogs don't seem to like it either: I noticed they stay away from the verges where there are many nuts and acorns.

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