21 October 2007

The Properties of Normandy

20 October 2007
6 miles - 48.40 min

Wonderful sunny day, chilly and quiet. The morning is misty and mysterious, but the sun soon comes out and shows all the properties of Normandy at its best. The country is lush and mellow, there is a heavy scent of ripe apples, chestnuts, hazelnuts and mushrooms in the air. I see people pressing apples in their orchards, and in October sunlight huge, content Normann cows acquire the shades of gold and pink. The old traditional granite and slate farm-houses have a look of eternal solidity and even the yellow new-build pavillions loose their Lego-like artificiality and blend with the landscape.

It's just the two of us today, me and Strelka, the male Golden. Nala is still recovering from her bad fall. I feel sad for her and when we come back I give her the usual milk treat together with Strelka.

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