24 August 2007

Chicken Run

24 Aug 2007
6 miles 54 min.
They promised a 'canicule' - heat wave to start today. Doesn't look like it - the Sun is still struggling to pierce through the thick layer of clouds. It's heavy and humid and I go as slow as I could, but dogs seem to be okay.

In greyish light everything becomes less visible and the grass on both sides of narrow lanes is 6 foot high! Farmers are doing their third hay harvest this Summer, Normandy is unbelievably fertile. Generally I don't like running with a cap on, but for this stretch of year I do put on a bright yellow Credit Lyonnais baseball cap. It makes me visible just above the grass line. 'You look like a running chicken,' my teenage children say. I'd better look like a running chicken than like a dead chicken.

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