18 May 2007

Group Pressure

17 May Ascension Day
6 miles - 51.12 min

It's a holiday, I've just finished a very difficult piece of work and was planning to have a slow quiet day, skip running and just slouch...

But as soon as I got up to make my morning coffee the wife asked: 'Are you going for a run?'

I was sipping the coffee when my son came downstairs and also asked: 'Are you off for a run?'

Dogs are barking in their pen, and I come to let them out. They dash outside, circle the garden and come up to me wagging their tails madly and looking me in the face and then at the lead hanging on the wall, then me in the face again.

I give in to pressure, put on my running things and we trot off into the mist and rain. It's perfect weather for a refreshing run: thick soft mist billowing over the lane, light drizzle and hardly any wind. And once again I tell myself that there is no better way to rest and refresh yourself than running.

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