03 October 2006

Slow Days and Fast Days

3 October 2006
6 miles - 48.39 min - cooler still

...there are slow days and fast days. Sometimes I feel slow, and dogs feel fast, and sometimes dogs feel slow and I feel fast...

I sometimes get angry with them, but then I see the guilty look on their faces, and I feel guilty. There is no point getting angry about other people's different rythms, we all have them, and they are all different.

The true art of life, I think, is to be able to notice how other creatures behave and adapt.

Today was a dogs' fast day, they pulled and pulled me all along the usual route, though I just wanted a slow sustenance run. In the end I gave in and started running at full blast.

We came back slightly faster than in the past few days, but I couldn't believe how much energised I suddenly felt. That's how dogs help me.

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