30 September 2006

Dogs and Marmite

29 September
6 miles - 50.09 min - got soaked in the rain

Nothing beats a piece of toast with Marmite, the English yeast based spread.
My wife and I started an English language magazine in Normandy this year. Becuase the Marmite jar is so strongly associated with British culture and the croissant with French we decided to put the two on the cover of the launch issue.
As we were preparing the launch news came that Marmite, symbol of the Rendezvous magazine first issue, is to be sold in squeezy tubes, Lissa Cuthbert, a reader from Pretot Ste Suzanne, wrote...
After 2 years of renovating I finally brought a chest of drawers in from one of the barns and found a copy of the Daily Telegraph dated Tuesday October 12th 1954 with a very large advertisement for Marmite, on the front page, alongside news of Sir Winston Churchill!
Our dog who is nearly 10 years old has often had to take pills due to being born with double hip dysphasia. None of that shoving them past the back of his tongue malarkey to get him to swallow them. He salivates with delight as his pills are coated in Marmite . Licking every last morsel off my fingers is part of the treat!....

My dogs love it too. There must be something in this...

Photo by Mike Forster

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