18 April 2006

A Counter-Chasing Trick

21 km (13 miles) - 1 hour 35 minutes.
Mild sunny day, hardly any wind. Easter Bank holiday and the roads are empty, everything is quiet. Bliss.

First time this year I notice sweat drops dribbling down my face, good too feel your system being flushed. I wish I'd taken a water bottle with me.

Dogs are happy and pull me along more often than make me drag them.

A friend from England is running with me today. He is used to a faster pace than I normally run, but I try not to show I am slower, and engage him in a complicated discourse. Which makes him huff and puff more, while I let myself run into a steady rythm.
It is amazing how much we manage to cover talking and running.

The chat only stops when we go up two or three really steep rises, and also when our dogs lunge at the poor barking house hounds behind strong fences. There is one house along the route with a blond lady who has three cocker spaniels. On a normal day they are kept in a run, but it's a holiday today, and spaniels play on the front lawn. They dash barking at us, but I know what to do: I stop and let Nala and Strelka stand their ground. The spaniels back off, I let loose the leash and let my golden retrievers do a little chase, then tighten the leash again.
At last, the lady comes out to get her dogs, apologises, I apologise back, and we're off running again.

This always works: let your dogs protect you, let them feel useful and proud of themselves, and you will feel happier afterwards too.

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