17 August 2013

The Lone Ranger.

Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) and Silver.

Today's run (15 August): 9.65km - 58.18 min, 22ºC, light rain, very humid.
Definitely getting cooler. A nice quiet run.

The other day I watched with my children The Lone Ranger, a new version with Johnny Depp as Tonto the Indian. I used to watch the old TV-series with Clayton Moore in the 60s and was looking forward to the new version.

The stunts are wonderful, if reminiscent of the best of Indiana Jones and some sequences from the Bridge of the River Kwai. Otherwise it's a fairly lame flick. Even the cameo appearance of Helena Bonham Carter doesn't save it. 

What I did get out of it is the earworm Lone Ranger theme, in fact, the William Tell Overture by Rossini: para-ram, pam-pam; para-ram, pam-pam; para-rah, pam-pam-pam! A perfect running music.

Here is the grand finale played the Milwaukee symphony orchestra -

Photo of the Lone Ranger from here.

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