31 May 2013

Dalmatian Plantation.

Dalmatian Run today with Leroy and Strelka: 8 km - 48.22min, +16ºC, sunny, now wind, very pleasant. It's a shorter run today in preparation for the Sunday Sourdeval 10K road race with Francesca Bostock and Leaharna Marsden.

We were passing the gates of a large farm, a plantation really. The farmer has had a nice Border Colly who helped him with rounding up the cows. But today there was a timid looking Dalmatian at the gates. I haven't seen him before. Maybe someone visiting? The farmer has a grown up daughter living in town. Hers? 

'Dalmatian plantation?' I thought to myself while stopping the dogs from going after the Dalmatian. They were just wanting to sniff but still, we had a run to finish.

And lo and behold, in the next field there was a new herd of young 'Dalmatian' cows! I took a photo of one for who the grass is obviously greener on the other side of the hedge.

And in case you forgot the Dalmatian Plantation here it is:

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